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Custom Elevated Work Platform With Stairs and Guard Rails

Metal stairs and raised work platforms need to be the right combination of safe, strong, stable and good looking. The ErectaStep platform you see in this photo is all that! You can see that this modular platform system fits into the place it is needed perfectly. That is the benefit of choosing a modular system. Your company and ErectaStep can design a system for any space that has a need for a raised work platform.

When you install an ErectaStep System you are getting a state of the art fall protection system and an elevated work platform that is rigid, safe, well-grounded, and expandable if the need arises.

Our metal stairs and raised work platforms install easily and with minimal or zero downtime to your operations. Most platforms and industrial stairs take hours instead of days to put in. The ErectaStep components bolt together to create a platform system as large and tall as you need it to be.

The Components Of The ErectaStep System – The components that make up the ErectaStep system are the reason that ErectaStep meets the regulatory safety standards of the US regulatory agencies. Each component is the end result of…

1. Superior Engineering and Manuafcturing (U.S.A)
2. High Grade Industrial Strength Materials
3. Thousands of hours of Operational Field Testing

The tower supports, metal stairs, handrails, platforms and fall protection guardrails offer your workers solid support and lots of roomy workspaces. Workers can feel the difference that solid materials make. The stairs are bolted to the deck and bolted to the platform. The platform is a stable foundation for workers who have tools, heavy tool belts, and other equipment. ErectaStep systems are designed to handle the load.

It’s easy to get an ErectaStep system that will serve your company for years. Let us help you design a metal ladder, or industrial stair platform system for your industrial facility today. Platforms can be made to accommodate any size or height. Call Erecta Step. Systems and components are in stock and are ready to ship today.

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