Custom Access Platform for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) System

A solar technology company was undergoing challenges with their facility and needed an access platform to their machinery. They were having trouble accessing their equipment, specifically their PECVD G8.5 System, which was at an elevated height. A plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) is a process by which thin films of various materials can be deposited on substrates at a low temperature. This was costing time and leading to decreased productivity, making a frustrating situation for their team. They wanted a solution and they wanted one quickly. In stepped ErectaStep to help solve the problem.

The ErectaStep team installed a complete work platform, allowing multi-directional access metal stairs to the machine and was on-site to provide complete engineering support.

All of the ErectaStep parts to the access platform were delivered with no delay, allowing the team to stick to their aggressive three-day timeline. And ErectaStep even recommended a reliable sub-contractor to complete the installation to spec.

The team at the solar technology company was elated with the results. They had a safe and easy way to now access their complex PECVD tool allowing them to service it reliably and conveniently.  The hardware was unified and easy to work with allowing the team to realize efficiencies instantly.  Productivity increased and there was less downtime for the manufacturing process due to the ability to safely access their machine.  



Learn now how ErectaStep can help you in your project using a combination of 5 components: Prefabricated Metal Stairs, Metal work PlatformsIndustrial HandrailsAluminum Ladders and Tower Support, our modular design is sturdy, requires no fabrication and quickly bolts together to provide metal stairs, crossovers and many other configurations for safe access over pipes, dike walls, or other obstructions.